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Victoria & Jacob's first snowman, Media PA - March 2005

Jacob, fist time as a cowboy - February 2005

Victoria at her first softball practice - February 2005

Family Firsts
Jacob's first school Christmas program -
December 2004

Victoria, first time in the new pool - September 2004

Victoria, first day of kindergarden

Victoria's first jet ski ride with Miss Marilyn - 
June 2003

Victoria's first Halloween - October 2002

Victoria on her first day of school and her
 teacher Miss Chrystyna

Victoria's first lesson from daddy on riding
 bicycle - July 2002

Victoria's first slide on her new playset -
March 2002

First family dinner at Los Cucos - January 2002, the day after arriving in the USA

Victoria's first piggy back ride on daddy - January
2002 (just 4 days after coming home)

Victoria's baptism - Wayne, Victoria,
Nancy, Pastor Kuehnert

First family dinner, 1 day after coming home -
January 2002

Victoria's first time at Chuck E Cheese -
February 2002

Victoria's baptism - March 2002

First swimming pool, Victoria & Marlina -
May 2002

Jacob's baptism - August 2002

Victoria on her first day of school -
September 2002

Victoria's 1 year celebration dinner - January 2003

Jacob's 1 year celebration dinner - June 2003

Victoria on the first day of kindergarden &
her teacher Mrs. Rhodes - August 2004

Jacob, first time in the new pool - September 2004

Victoria's first solo, Sunday School Christmas
program - December 2004