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Victoria & Jacob, photo taken in the Gabany Photography studio - January 2005

Gabany Family Website
Christmas - 2004

Mama & Jacob in restaurant - October 2004

Loving moment - September 2004

Mama & Victoria at Grandmom's - July 2004

Victoria & Jacob at Katy Kips Gymnastics - October 2004

Jacob & Victoria, Katy TX - September 2004 

Mama & kids - April 2004

The kids ready to go to church - March 2004

Another Gabany Photography studio shot

Christmas photo - 2004

Gabany family Christmas - 2003

Victoria & mama, Media PA - July 2004

Brother & sister in the bluebonnets - April 2004

The Gabany family - January 2004

Playful moment - August 2004

Wayne, Jacob, Nancy & Victoria in the Texas bluebonnents - April 2004

Victoria & Mama at home - June 2004

Hello and welcome to Gabany.com! Our website was first designed to chronicle our journey of a lifetime, the adoption of our son and daughter from Russia. We wanted to share this adventure with others, to give a glimpse into what Russia adoption is like and help others in their adoption journey. Our site has grown from its humble beginnings into quite a large family site but it still serves its original purpose of providing information on Russian adoption.

For those of you seeking information on Russian adoption we have a lot of information on this site for you. Although policies, procedures and laws have changed some since we adopted (you will find they do on a daily basis in Russia), you will still get a good overall feel for the Russian adoption process.

Our daughter, Victoria, was adopted from Vladivostok in far eastern Russia in January 2002. Look for our story of her adoption under “Venture to Victoria”. Be sure to click the links at the bottom of that page to see Victoria's referral video (broadband only, the video is a large file), photos we took in Russia and the daily journal we kept while in Russia.

Our son, Jacob, was adopted from Moscow City in June 2002. Look for his adoption story under “Journey to Jacob”. There are links on the bottom of his page to his referral video, photos in Russia and daily journal also.

There is also valuable information in the section aptly named “Adoption Information”. There you will find FAQ's about our adoptions, helpful hints, links, info on sending digital photos from Russia and must reading for all adoptive parents “From the Eyes of a Child”.

If after looking through our site you have any questions on our adoptions or Russian adoptions in general please feel free to email us at: info@gabany.com . We stay pretty current on the  Russian adoption scene and can hopefully answer your questions or at least guide you in the right direction. We have helped many people both near an far in their adoption process and are always glad to help others to realize their adoption dream.

Of course for those family and friends looking for the “Texas Gabanys” or for Erica and Heather (our 2 other wonderful daughters) there are lots of areas for you to explore in our site too. You might even see a photo of yourself if you look closely enough.

If you have been here before you will probably notice the site looks a little different. We went through a site redesign and have added hundreds of new photos recently. Also added was the ability to click on almost all the photos to get a pop-up enlarged view of the photo. So sit back, relax, click and enjoy, there is a lot to see here. Thanks for visiting.

For comments, questions or more information please email:

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