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Nancy & Wayne
Nancy & Wayne - January 2004

Wayne Gary Gabany was born in 1958 in Chester, Pennsylvania to Jacob and Dorothy Gabany. Wayne has 2 older brothers, Phillip and Teddy. Wayne is the "baby" of the family, or as his aunt Betty would say the "sweet & innocent" one. Wayne grew up in Media, Pennsylvania. His father worked as a maintenance mechanic and his mother was a crisis teacher. Wayne's family was close-knit. His family had dinner together each evening and took yearly vacations. Wayne was a good student and enjoyed school. As a youth he played soccer. In middle school and high school, he was a member of the school band. Wayne graduated from Penncrest High School in 1976. At the age of 19, he left his home to begin a job as a manager of a Fortune 500 company in Florida, where he continued to work for 15 years. Wayne managed several locations in Florida, Georgia, Colorado and was finally transferred to Texas.

In 1993 Wayne began attending the Police Academy at Houston Community College. Becoming a police officer was a lifelong dream for him. He graduated in 1993 from the academy with a license as a police officer. In 1994, Wayne took a job with the Bellaire Police Department  and worked there for eight years. Wayne was very satisfied with his job, and was named "Officer of the Year" in 1997. Wayne retired from the Police Department in 2002 to be a full time stay at home dad. In 2004 Wayne started his own photography business, look at his website at gabanyphoto.com.  Wayne described himself as quiet and reserved in a group, but completely the opposite with those he knows well. His hobbies include working on computers and rebuilding vintage automobiles.

Nancy Ruth Gabany was born in 1962 in Houston, Texas to Travis and Barbara Henderson. She is the eldest of three children born to her family. Her younger brothers, Joe and Ed both live with their families only a few minutes from Nancy. Nancy was raised in Houston, Texas. Her father ran his own wrecker business for many years before retiring. Her mother works in human resources and is planning to retire soon. Her parents divorced when she was 9 years old but remained good friends. They eventually remarried 18 years later and remain married today. After the divorce, Nancy resided primarily with her mother but saw her father often. They spent most Sundays with extended family. Nancy participated in sports and cheerleading as a youth. As an adolescent she was a baton twirler. Nancy was a good student and enjoyed school. She had numerous friends throughout her childhood. Nancy graduated from Sharpstown High School in 1980. Nancy left her family of origin after high school to attend college.

Nancy describes herself as fun, loyal, dependable, energetic and easy going. Her marriage and her faith bring her the most satisfaction. In her spare time, Nancy enjoys spending time with family and attending car shows with Wayne.
Wayne - Officer of the Year 1997

Wayne - Palm Springs, CA - April 2001

Nancy and President George Bush - April 2004
Nancy in PA at Uncle Charlie's pool - July 2004
Wayne and Nancy met in 1992 when Nancy worked as a bank teller and Wayne was a customer. Wayne was attracted to Nancy because she was polite, kind and beautiful. Nancy was attracted to Wayne because he was honest, loyal and had pretty blue eyes.

Wayne and Nancy were united in marriage April 2, 1994 in Houston, Texas at Christ Memorial Lutheran Church

Wayne and Nancy describe their marriage as comfortable, fun and committed. Both Wayne and Nancy feel that they were made for each other. They share similar values and goals. The couple feels that the strengths of their marriage include their communication skills and their playfulness.

Meeting & Marriage

Wayne in his police car - August 1999

Nancy & Wayne BPOA Christmas party - December 2000

Nancy at church family shower for Victoria & Jacob - February 2002

Nancy on the John Deere with Jessie & Jamie helping cut the grass - January 2002

Wayne relaxing at home with Jessie & Jamie -
November 2001

Wayne playing in the toy kitchen, not really he was putting it together - November 2001

Nancy painting the nursery yellow, getting ready for Victoria & Jacob - October 2001

Wayne redoing Nancy's work : ) No actually she did a good job - October 2001

Nancy & Wayne at Miramonte Resort CA - April 2001

Nancy, Wayne & their dune buggy Palm Springs CA - April 2001

Wayne & Nancy at bottom of cable car ride up a mountain Palm Springs, CA - April 2001

Nancy in her sleek convertable, Palm Springs, CA - April 2001

Wayne & Nancy at Broadmoor Resort Colorado Springs, CO - May 2000

Nancy & Wayne way up high in the mountains
Colorado Springs, CO - May 2000

Nancy feeding the giraffes at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Colorado Springs, CO - May 2000

Wayne in rear of Broadmoor Resort Colorado Springs, CO - May 2000