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Old Family Photos
Wayne's mom - Dorothy Gabany,
High School photo

Wayne's dad - Jacob Gabany,
WWII army photo

Nancy's mom -
Barbara Henderson

Nancy's dad -
Travis Henderson

Wayne's grandparents - Harry & Lillie Kopp
(Memmie & Pappy)

Nancy's grandparents - Ruth & Lynn

Wayne & his mom - living room at Mom's
house on Woodcliffe - Media PA

Nancy & her brothers - Ed on left and Joe on right

Nancy Gabany

Wayne's mom - Dorothy

Wayne's dad - Jacob

Nancy's brother - Ed & her father, Travis

Nancy's brother Joe, Nancy &
her father

Wayne's dad - Jacob Gabany in uniform
on steps of 415 State St. - Media PA

Wayne (left) and his brother Phillip (right) in front of
their house on Woodcliffe - Media PA

Nancy's parents - Travis & Bobbi Henderson

Nancy's grandmother Ruth and Nancy's dad Travis

Wayne as baby October 1958

Wayne's dad - Jacob - State St. - Media PA

Nancy's parents - Travis & Bobbi, Nancy & her
brothers, Ed (left) & Joe (right)

Nancy Gabany

Wayne's dad - Jacob

Wayne's grandparents - Harry & Lilly Kopp

Nancy's parents -
Bobbi & Travis

Nancy's dad - Travis

Nancy's brother -
Ed & mom - Bobbi

Wayne's grandfather - Marigan
Gabany with Mary & Jacob

Jacob Gabany &
his sister, Mary

Wayne's parents -
Dorothy & Jacob

Nancy's dad - Travis

Nancy's mom - Bobbi

Nancy's mom - Bobbi

Wayne's mom & dad - Dorothy & Jacob Gabany

Wayne's dad Jacob, aunt Ann &
uncle Vince

Travis, Bobbi and their daughter